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segunda-feira, 31 de outubro de 2011

VÍDEO] A day in the life a Sainsbury's Store

Sainsbury's is one of the 'big three' supermarkets in the UK, the others being Tesco and Asda. This video from the Sainsbury's Careers website provides a rather idealized view of what goes on behind the scenes in a typical Sainsbury's supermarket during the course of a day. I wish my local Auchan were like this!

Excellent video for using with business English classes as it contains a lot of useful business vocabulary (see transcript below), and covers a number of business areas (retailing, online shopping, teamwork, customer relations, etc.). You can find more videos about Sainsbury's on the Sainsbury's Careers YouTube channel.

With millions of customers to serve every week, Sainsbury’s never stops.  Every store is like a small town in itself. Today we’re looking at one store. Starting before dawn, bakery and confectionery are hard at work, preparing in-house fresh bread and pastries. It’s a skilled job but every year we train hundreds of individuals up to the task. The home delivery team is busy taking and making up the orders that are picked and packed by our shopping team and delivered to your door. Every aisle has to be clean and ready, every bunch of flowers looking their best. Our picking team are now finishing collecting the online shopping orders ready for our delivery team to start their rounds. Home deliveries are a growth area and our delivery network now covers most of the country. Back in store, things start to get busy mid-morning as shoppers flood into the store and all that preparation gives way to top service, helping people find their way round the store to their favourite foods, providing the best in personal help and advice. What might surprise you is that Sainsbury’s is now the UK’s seventh largest clothing retailer. Our own brand of clothing Tu offers ranges in menswear, women’s and children’s, and the racks need displaying and replenishing throughout the day as much as our food. It’s now mid-morning and we go to the delicatessen, where the team are responsible for preparing ready-made foods and offering a huge range of meats, cheeses, and other delicatessen items. We make a large number of our meals in-store, prepared to the highest standards. We’re now well into the day, and you’ve seen the huge team effort it takes to prepare, stock, and support and manage a store. It’s lunchtime, so what better time to into the café and see this busy part of the store serve meals and beverages to hungry customers. Stock rotates all the time in a store, and none more so than fresh produce. We’re the world’s largest retailer for fair trade. As for our meat, one of our key values is sourcing with integrity. Like bakery, we train up hundreds of butchers and fishmongers every year, providing skills and qualifications to preserve the quality and standards of our fresh meat and fish delivery. Most large stores now have a pharmacy, with qualified staff making a big difference to the healthcare advice and support for our customers. We’re linked to local doctors and care homes, another extension of our service to each and every community you’ll find our supermarkets in. From opening to closing time, our checkout teams are the face of the business. No wonder we reward so well. And from fuel for the body to fuel for the car. Nearly all our large superstores have a petrol station, with its own selection of retail items, manager, supervisors, and teams. Back in store it’s late afternoon, and it’s time to stock up on low items, so our team is out in full replenishing shelves ready for the evening rush. From frozen items to wines and spirits, even the latest electrical items, TVs, DVDs, even laptops, you’d be surprised just how much we put into a store. It’s now late evening, and at the end of the day we’re still going as strong as we were when we started. Soon, most customers will have finished, but we haven’t. There’s a store to get ready for tomorrow, a team that love what they do, and space for you to be part of it all.

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