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quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2011

Cartoon: Thanksgiving Dinner

It's  Thanksgiving Day in America, and this cartoon by Clay Bennett from the Chattanooga Times Free Press sums up the mood of the nation. The cartoon is entitled "The Main Course". Normally, the main course of the traditional  Thanksgiving Dinner would consist of roast turkey—but here the turkey has been replaced with a note reading I.O.U. Hence, the downcast expressions on the faces of the family, whose plates are empty.


The word 'Jobs' written on the lid of the dish held by the father tells us that the meal is a metaphor for the US economy. Instead of jobs, the American people have got a load of debt. (An I.O.U.—abbreviated from the phrase "I owe you"—is usually an informal document acknowledging debt.) In fact, the US government has spent billions of dollars trying to stimulate the US economy, but to little effect—the unemployment rate remains stuck at 9.6%.


On the 4th Thursday in November, Americans celebrate the arrival of the first pilgrims in America on the  Mayflower, which set sail from  Plymouth, UK (my home town!) in 1620. It is traditional to have a large family meal with turkey and cranberry jelly, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie.

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