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terça-feira, 1 de novembro de 2011

Mental vacation: Peace of mind.

Where have you been?

I’m taking a break to relax and rethink some concepts. I have been working too hard in those last six years. I mean, six years in a row. No vacation at all.

I’ll leave you guys this picture to help you find some moments of peace. Life is good and sometimes we have to find some time to relax. Everybody knows that his or her brain needs a break. I am not different. I need a break as well.

Maybe I’m suffering from "vacation deficit disorder,". I’ll stop for a while and I’ll be back soon.

Well… my brain really needs a break. This month will be the last month I’ll post an entry in this blog, and I’ll relax. That is, no serious problems in my mind anymore. At least, I hope not to have more problems in the next two months.

By Bruno Coriolano



4 comentários:

Bruno Coriolano disse...

In Portuguese, if the reader does not understand what he reads, he may think he is not intelligent or knowledgeable enough to understand the writer, while in English most likely the writer is the one who takes the blame.

Maria Clara Torquato disse...

Estarei sempre ao seu lado!

Daiah Scarlet disse...

Work is important but the holidays are also essential!

Good blog!

Bruno Coriolano disse...

“Teaching is a process in which we have to consider a great deal of things. At first, we need to remember that to be a good educator you have to put yourself in the learner’s place in order to understand how this process works. We must consider that errors are part of it”.

Bruno Coriolano, English Language Teacher.