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quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2011

One-to-one classes: why I don’t really like it.

It is strange, but sometimes educators have to teach some students in a private way. What I mean is that some people come to you and ask you to teach them because they have an examination or something like that coming up very soon. What is fun about this is that they only try to learn the language one month before the test.
I particularly hate this kind of lesson and if you ask me why, I will tell the reasons for this. When you accept to teach someone you have to find out some time in your schedule. I mean, you have to reorganize your whole professional life in order to adapt yourself to the pupil’s routine. Moreover, you change your routine so that you will be able to help your learner to meet his aim.
I have been invited to teach many people in a one-to-one kind of lesson. I hold a TEFL Certificate where I had to do this sort of activity to be ready for it. But I do not feel totally comfortable about it. I like to have dynamics, interaction and stuff like that. I mean, it is really fun when you have got some students trying to communicate among themselves. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen when you have just one person to work with. Especially if this student starts saying that (s)he doesn’t have time or is tired because (s)he has been working all day long.
My complaint - if I have one – is all about the class itself. When the student asks you about how much the class was, they almost always complain about it. I think to myself “was it really necessary to teach this person?” I know it is part of my job, but as soon as the pupil learn what (s)he wants you are useless.
In summary, I do not think one-to-one classes really work for the best. Not only because they are a kind of boring but also because students do not want to pay the amount had you asked even though if you do it in advance. Although, it is a tough job somebody must do it.

I finish this by asking you. Have you English teacher taught anybody in a one-to-one lesson? How was it? Feel free to email me through brunocoriolano@zipmail.com.br or just by commenting on this blog.
See you next time. Bye bye!

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