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quarta-feira, 19 de março de 2014


Deadline, schedule, always in a hurry. What the heck, man? Is it going to be like that forever? I don’t feel like it. I mean... Mm... I have tried to take a break from time to time, but every time I decide to go back to some old project, I find it incredibly difficult because I can’t really remember what I was thinking about when I had been doing it. Short stories are, basically, the project I am talking about.

I have decided to spend one more month without Facebook so that (I guess) I’ll be able to finish a book I have been trying to finish.

Stop! I mean it. S T O P. If you think you can’t really write something interesting. Just stop for a while. That’s my advice. Okay, you haven’t asked for any, but I would like to tell you something: RELAX THE BODY AND LET THE IMPULSE GO. You will realize how many wonderful things you can do if you try it.

Here it goes again: RELAX THE BODY AND LET THE IMPULSE GO. I would say the same thing if you asked me why you sometimes study a language pretty hard, but you have the feeling that you are not progressing. Maybe, it is because your brain is too tired of it all. Or maybe you have been doing it in a wrong way.

Allow yourself. I mean it. Try something completely different just for a change. You can’t do it? Here… try this one:

Sit down and relax. That’s what I am going to do... at least just a moment. Look around, maybe there’s something there just waiting to be discovered (noticing). Observe, listen take the risk. 

I’ll be back in a couple of days and talk about my new Facebook-free month. I'll try to write new tales and finish my book. Hell yeah. That's what I'm going  to do. That is going to be my priority during my absences from Facebook.

Giving up Facebook for one more month – I will be back on April 18. I'm quite sure you will not miss me, but... well. I have nothing else to write. 

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