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sábado, 8 de agosto de 2015

The Entire History of You

Today (Saturday) I was at the gym working out as I usually do on Saturday mornings. It would have been a quite normal day if I haven’t noticed one thing in particular – two ladies taking pictures of themselves in front of the mirror. I have absolutely no problem with pictures; this is actually the norm today, right? However, I do not feel comfortable when someone is taking pictures of me when I am not in the mood for it.

Let me explain it better:

Well, as I was there too and they were taking photos of themselves I realized that I was probably there (in the picture) today. In doing so, they took an unauthorized picture of me and I believe this is not cool.

This happening got me thinking about how people behave nowadays. They simply go there, take their camera from their pockets (or elsewhere) and CLICK. They take a picture and move on as that attitude was completely normal. This episode specifically reminded me of Google glass and frightened me a lot. I started to believe that people will walk on the streets – wearing their tools and taking pictures and/or recording every single moment of their (and others’) lives.

I would like to know whether more people feel bothered by a situation like that or not. Therefore, I would like to hear it from you:

If you are interacting with someone who is wearing a recorder (or a google glass) that is recording everything – including you –, how do you think you would feel about it?

Unlike someone carrying a smartphone, you would not know whether someone wearing Google Glass, for instance, is video recording you or not. How would you behave differently?

There is an interesting episode of “the Black Mirror” – English TV Series – called "The Entire History of You" that deals exactly with situations of this kind. I highly recommend it:

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