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terça-feira, 1 de abril de 2014

FUTURE PERFECT: AMC's epic series The Walking Dead.

This short post might sound weird, but it might also be one of the best examples of “FUTURE PERFECT” (the grammar topic we studied in our advanced lesson today). 

It is known that students are all the time watching those kind of TV series. The Walking Dead is probably one of the best known AMC's epic series. 

If you want to learn more about it, click here.

Frederik Peeters's drawings. 

Some zombies have bitten Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Ayrton Senna; therefore, by the end of the day they will have turned into walkers.

 FORM Future Perfect with "Will":
will have + past participle


By this time next year, I will have graduated from university.
You will have saved enough money to study abroad next year.
Jack will have finished his homework by the time his mother gets home.
By the time he wakes up, we will have prepared lunch for everyone.

Grammar topic: Future perfect.

Theme: The Walking Dead.

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