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quarta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2013

I am giving up Facebook as an attempt to not procrastinate.

From Ideias esdrúxulas

I have to spread the word... ever since I was away from Facebook; I have been reading more than usual; I took some time to learn a little bit more about Bossa Nova, jazz, blues, and country – some of the things that I discovered that I do like -, I have boosted my energy as well. Obviously, it was the main goal – being off not only has made me find another things to do, but also has given me a different perspective. I have been more patient.

Facebook was apparently perfect, as the dead so often become. Yes, Facebook was dead to me. A month without it and then I realized the wonderful things that I had been missing outside there – in real world.

I have met life with open arms – life without that social networking website made me see how important it (Facebook) was to me. – Actually, it was not important at all! And why is that? ‘Rubbish’ is all you get to see there– People publishing nothing but lies – they are not that happy – they don’t even understand the word! How, after all, can people be happy online? If I were that happy, I wouldn’t make it public to everyone on Facebook. You know how the others hate happiness. Especially when it isn’t theirs.

What have I missed there after a month? Nothing. Everything is different, except for one fact: everything is absolutely the same now – same old, same old. Same people publishing the same things I don’t want to know about – what they have had for dinner and the like.

Ever since I left my Facebook page off, I started having that sense of achievement. I read far more, studied far more (improved my Spanish a lot), and enjoyed life much better. Life is outside (offline), not online. As soon as you come to this point of being firmly convinced that you are not what it says on your profile, you find the real meaning of quality time.  

I found my reading irresistibly more romantic and meaningful. I mean, I had time, to finally, finish reading a ‘million books’ I had started but never finished. I learned a bit more about Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe, and Yeats, for instance. , believe it or not, I could understand better, eat better and healthier. The best thing? I was able to focus more on my job and stopped procrastinating.

Unbelievably, my life has become easier – there was no doubt that it forced me to think about how productive I became. Whether you completely agree with that or not, I do not care, but Facebook is worthless – although it has had its moment in its heyday. Yes, I think I will give it up for good.

I cannot let it go without talking about it. I have created a group on Facebook called Conversation 2013; well… it turned out to be a group with a lot of people, but only a few (really) participating. I realized that only one person had been ‘feeding’ this group. Guess whom? Exactly, ME. So, what’s the point of having a conversation alone? I mean, does it make sense, create a group so that some people could practice English, but not half of its members are really there? Giving it up as well, pal.

Nevertheless, have I been completely away from the social network sites? Not completely, I must say. I have to confess… er… I have been using QUORA – which is pretty much better than Facebook.  

That’s it. Right now, I have got lots of plans. So much to come this year. I am going to give it another month. In the next entries, I’ll be writing about my accomplishments.


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