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sexta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2013

Watching FRIENDS and learning something...

That’s my favorite TV series. FRIENDS is not only funny, but also a good way of learning English. I myself have learned a lot just by watching this sitcom. Here there’s a very good episode, in which, you may show your pupils in order to make them have fun and learn a thing or two.

I have a two-hour lesson in every group (every single day), so every other Friday we watch a twenty-minute (or something like that) video. FRIENDS is my favorite one just because the episodes are really good and quite easy to understand. As we focus too much on tasks and work pretty hard during the week, I think that a short video without any worksheet is a good way to provide students with a different, say, learning tool. It's worth watching comedies once in while without that pressure of having to complete something (task-based approach). Hey, learning also involves acquisition, right?

This one is about Joey trying to speak French. It is so funny that one student might say something like… “Hey, that’s like me trying to speak English” (man, I have heard that so many times! ha ha). That’s a kind of comment we (EFL teachers) don’t like listening to, but it might break the ice and make things e bit funnier. 

[Scene: Central Perk. Phoebe’s trying to teach Joey French, so she’s sitting in front of him with the script in her hands.]

Phoebe: All right, it seems pretty simple. Your first line is "My name is Claude", so, just repeat after me. "Je m’appelle Claude".
Joey: Je de coup Clow.
Phoebe: Well, just... let’s try it again.
Joey: Ok.
Phoebe: Je m’appelle Claude.
Joey: Je depli mblue.
Phoebe: Uh. It’s not... quite what I’m saying.
Joey: Really? It sounds exactly the same to me.
Phoebe: It does, really?
Joey: Yeah.
Phoebe: All right, let just try it again. Really listen.
Joey: Got it.
Phoebe: (slowly) Je m’appelle Claude.
Joey: Je te flouppe Fli.
Phoebe: Oh, mon Dieu!
Joey: Oh, de fuff!

[Scene: Joey’s apartment. Phoebe is trying to teach Joey French.]

Phoebe: Je m’appelle Claude.
Joey: Je do call blue!
Phoebe: NOOOO! Ok, maybe if we just break it down. Ok, let’s try at one syllable at a time. Ok? So repeat after me. "je".
Joey: je.
Phoebe: m’ap
Joey: mah
Phoebe: pelle
Joey: pel.
Phoebe: Great, ok faster! "je"
Joey: je.
Phoebe: m’ap
Joey: mah
Phoebe: pelle
Joey: pel.
Phoebe: Je m’appelle!
Joey: Me pooh pooh!
Phoebe: Ok, it’s too hard, I can’t teach you!
Joey: What are you doing?
Phoebe: I, I have to go before I put your head through a wall. (she leaves)
Joey: (he goes out calling her) Don’t move! Don’t go! I need you! My audition is tomorrow! Shah blue blah! Me lah peeh! Ombrah! (he gives up). Pooh.


[Scene: Joey’s apartment. He is sitting on the barcalounger holding a French study book and listening to a French learning tape.]

Tape: We will now count from one to five. Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq.

Joey: Huh, un, blu, bla, flu, flenk!

Tape: Good job.

Joey: Thank you.

(Phoebe enters)

Phoebe: Hey Joey.

Joey: Hey!

Phoebe: Listen, I feel really badly about yesterday and I thought about it a lot and, and I know, I was too impatient. SO lets try it again.

Joey: Oh, no, that’s okay, I don’t need your help. I worked on it myself and I gotta say, I am pretty good!

Phoebe: Really, can I hear some of it.

Joey: Sure, sure. Ok, (clears his throat and starts to read from his script. He starts talking in a fake French accent, making gestures with his hands) "Bleu de la bleu, de la blu bla bleu" (Phoebe looks astonished, annoyed and disgusted, Joey seems very proud though) See?

Phoebe: Well, you’re not, (she tries to smile and contain her anger, but loses it) You’re not... you’re not... again, you’re not SPEAKING FRENCH!

Joey: (offended) Oh well I think I am, yeah and I think I’m definitely gonna get the part.

Phoebe: How could you possibly think that?

Joey: For one thing, the guy on the tape said I was doing a good job!


[Scene: The theatre where Joey is auditioning. Phoebe enters when Joey’s on stage and she sits down. He hasn’t seen her.]

Director: Whenever you’re ready Joey.
Joey: Right. (clears his throat) Dja bu bu Claude. Uh, c’est la pu les la lu blah bloo.
Casting assistant: I’m sorry, what’s going on?
Joey: Dude, come on! French it u-up!
Director: Joey, do you speak French?
Joey: Toutes la smore! Bu blu-ay bloo blah ooh! Pfoof!
Director: You know what. I think this audition is over. (Joey looks disappointed, but understands.)
Phoebe: (in a French accent) Uh, excuse me. Uh, I am Reginé Philange. I was passing by when I heard this man speaking the regional dialect of my French town of Estée Lauder.
Director: You really think this man is speaking French?
Joey: Sa-sa-saw!
Phoebe: Écoutez, je vais vous dire la vérité. C’est mon petit frère. Il est un peu retardé. (Translation: Listen, I will tell you the truth. He’s my little bother. He’s a bit retarded.)
(The director looks at Joey and he nods.)
Phoebe: Alors, si vous pouviez jouer le jeu avec lui... (Translation: So, would you please just humor him?)
Director: (to Joey) Good job, little buddy. That was some really good French. But I think we’re gonna go with someone else for the part.
Joey: Ah. All right. But my French was good?
Director: It was great.
Joey: (to Phoebe) Oh-hoh! Ha-hah! See!
Phoebe: (to the director) Merci. Au revoir. (Translation: Thanks, goodbye.)
Joey: Yeah-hah. Toute-de-le-fruit.

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