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domingo, 8 de março de 2015


That’s undoubtedly one of the most important things in your book. You must create some characters (or at least one).

Let’s see what we can do. Once again, don’t feel afraid of stealing or borrowing from your favorite writer’s characters or some favorite actor’s traits.

First things first: Is your character an animal, human or something else? You don’t have to make sense in a literal way, remember?

Is your character a woman? 

How does she look like? 


Is she blonde or brunette?

Does she have short hair?

What does she do? Is she a cop?

Does she have superpowers?

Where does she live? Does she live under the water; in an alternative world?

Or does she live in a normal neighborhood? 

Does she run like a crazy woman? 
Okay, maybe she runs with a white dog in her arms? 
Does the dog have superpowers? Lol

No, wait. Does she live in outer space? Is she connected to someone? (maybe George Clooney?) Lol

Oh, no. she is a gorgeous woman! She dresses like a modern lady:

… but maybe she puts her makeup and scares people in the evening. Maybe just for fun… lol or maybe she fights crime. Yes, she wants to save the whole world. 

No. wait. I know it. She is a very traditional woman. she's an ordinary girl. She wears long dresses...  

…or she walks completely naked around the city.

Or maybe, she’s just a cowgirl.

Or Batman’s mother.        

Or she’s just like Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, who starts as a man and finishes as a woman.

 Let’s forget about the jokes (at least for a while), but once you have decided who your main character is, you will have to give them (or her) life.
Next thing is: what places does she visit? Where does she live? What kind of dreams does she have? What tools does she use?
Use your imagination: Include everything you would like her to do as if it has already happened (in real life, for instance). Take the qualities of your favorite people, friends, relatives, or even your enemies. Yes, enemies! Why not?
Most important things: when you are writing a story, you should actually try to let your readers know who your main character is in his world.
List things they do: hobbies, qualities, obsessions, etc.

I hope you liked it. See you next time! 

“You should never hesitate to trade your cow for a handful of magic beans.” ― Tom Robbins

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