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sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2012

Learning English from videos: No pressure.


TEACHER: Right kids, just before you go, there’s a brilliant idea in the air that I’d like to run by you. Now, it’s called 10:10 and the idea is that everyone starts cutting their carbon emissions by ten per cent, thus keeping the planet safe for everyone eventually. Now, this hasn’t got to be a huge thing, but I would love it if you and your families would think about doing something.
PUPIL 1: What sort of thing, miss?
TEACHER: Well, like getting your dad to insulate the loft, or taking your next holiday by train instead of flying, or buying energy-saving light bulbs.
PUPIL 2: We’re thinking of using our car less. I’m going to cycle to school.
TEACHER: That’s fantastic, Jemima. Now, no pressure at all, but it’d be great to get a sense of how many of you might to this, just a rough percentage. That’s fantastic. And those not? Philip and Tracy. That’s fine, absolutely fine. Your own choice. OK class, thank you so much for today, and I will see you all tomorrow. Oh, just before you go. I just need to press this little button here. Now everybody please remember to read chapters five and six on volcanoes and glaciations, except for Philip and Tracy, of course.
MANAGER: Right, just want to check on that 10:10 thing. Um, had some brilliant ideas from lots of you, how the firm can cut down emissions by ten per cent. Just quick show of hands, everyone who want to get involved. Great, that’s nearly everybody. And, yeah, just for the record, no pressure, those who aren’t quite convinced by that yet? Cool. It’s no problem. Your choice. OK, so those of you planning something here or at home should probably get working on it, um, oh gorgeous, and those of you who aren’t. Excellent. Have a great weekend everyone.
DAVID GINOLA: Well, hello everyone. It’s great to be back here at Spurs. So many happy memories for me. Anyway, tell me something, what is this 10:10 thing the club is doing?
TRAINER: Well, it means that we’re trying to cut our carbon emissions by ten per cent this year. And Tottenham Hotspur Football Club was the first to sign up.
PLAYER 1: We’ve changed the floodlights at White Hart Lane, so they’re low energy.
PLAYER 2: Lots of our fans are coming to matches on buses, trains, and bikes and stuff rather than coming by car.
DAVID GINOLA: I see. Whatever. I wouldn’t do it. It seems like distraction from football to me.
TRAINER: That’s just fine, David. You don’t have to join in. Just ignore it. No pressure.(Presses button) Right lads, let’s do some penalties.
VOICEOVER: 10:10. Hundreds of thousands of people. Schools, businesses, hospitals, knitting circles, scout troops, presidents and governments all tackling climate change in more than 40 countries. Care to join us? No pressure.
TECHNICIAN: It sounded great to me. Thanks Gillian.
GILLIAN ANDERSON: Happy to help.
TECHNICIAN: So, what are you thinking of doing for 10:10 yourself?
GILLIAN ANDERSON: What, are you kidding me? I thought that by doing this voiceover that was my contribution.
TECHNICIAN: Right. No, absolutely. No pressure.
TECHNICIAN: Bye, thank you.

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