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segunda-feira, 14 de novembro de 2016

Teaching ideas - Modal Verbs

There must be plenty of ideas about how to teach modal verbs. During my fifteen years as an EFL teacher/Professor, I have been dealing with lots of groups in which I was (still am) supposed to teach modal verbs.

Thinking about the many possible ways of introducing this grammar point, I decided to write some entries on how to teach modal verbs in English.

A great deal of teachers introduce such grammatical points, especially when it comes to obligation and permission, by talking about laws, rules, regulations in many different places (countries, cities, etc.).

For example, you can show the students some pictures of schools and just say “you have to stay at school until you are 18” or “You don’t have to go to school after you are 21”.

It is also possible to invent some stories (students love story telling) telling your students to look at the pictures below and create a dialogue or something like that.

A: I think it might be a(n)…
B: No, it is not. It has to be a…

Another possible way of talking about modal verbs in English is by asking students to search for crazy laws in some countries and ask them to describe the laws by using the modal verbs (should, must, have to).

 After that, divide the students into three (or more) groups and ask them to discuss their crazy laws.

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