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sábado, 16 de agosto de 2014

Cartoon: Ad Infinitum.


The English Premier League starts today. The world's most popular football league is back after a three months hiatus. The new season promises more excitement, thrills, drama, upsets and surprises. Champions Manchester City will battle a resurgent Manchester United as well as Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool to hold onto their Premier League crown.  


The cartoon by Bob from the Daily Telegraph comprises two panels. In the left-hand panel a man is sitting in front of the TV crying because the World Cup in Brazil has just finished ("It's over"). His wife, who seems unimpressed, hands him a tissue to dry his eyes. In the right-hand panel, the same man is staring excitedly at the screen because it's the first day of the Premier League ("It's started"). This time his wife, whose expression has not changed, is removing the box of tissues and handing him a can of beer.


The title of the cartoon 'Ad Infinitum' is Latin for 'to infinity'. If something happens ad infinitum, it never finishes, or happens again and again.

• You cannot stay here ad infinitum without paying rent. The cartoonist is making a humorous comment on fact that as soon as one football competition ends, another one begins, and so on until the end of time (or so it seems).

From the English Blog. 

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