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sexta-feira, 17 de março de 2017

Ad of the Day — Hula Hoops

Here's a new ad for Hula Hoops, the popular UK snack brand, which would be great for teaching a couple of English idioms, and can also be used for some classroom activities (see below for ideas).


BANK ROBBER: Stop what you're doing. Give me all the money.

BANK CASHIER: Sorry love. I've got my hands full.

VOICEOVER: When it comes to the crunch, it has to be Hula Hoops.


1. If you have your hands full, you are so busy that you do not have time to do anything else: I'd love to help but I've got my hands full organizing the school play. In the ad, there's a play on words, since the woman literally has her hands full (of Hula Hoops!)

2. When it comes to the crunch is an idiom used when a situation becomes serious or an important decision has to be made: You know that when it comes to the crunch, she will do what needs to be done. Once again, there's a play on words because Hula Hoops are a crunchy snack.


1. Show the ad and tell the students they have to watch carefully as they'll be asked questions after to test their powers of observation and see whether they would make a good witness.

2. Ask the following questions:

·    what colour was the robber's car? (beige)
·    how many people were in the street? (two)
·    what was the name of the bank? (West Heath Bank)
·    what was the robber wearing? (black leather coat, purple polo neck sweater, stocking over his head, a glove)
·    what was the robber carrying? (a black leather holdall)
·    what time was it? (3pm on the clock, 15.03 on the CCTV footage)
·    what was the cashier's name? (Polly)
·    how many police cars arrive? (three)


The snack gets its name from the hula hoop, a toy hoop that is twirled around the waist, limbs or neck.
See here for photos.

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