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domingo, 24 de maio de 2015

[Phrase of the week] What is ‘to shoot the breeze’?

Sometimes you get bored. Sometimes things make you feel bored. Sometimes you need someone to talk to. To just spend some time doing nothing, but talking. In other words, you want to just “hang out and bull shit about random stuff.”

Well, that’s exactly what “to shoot the breeze” means; it has nothing to do with breezes or shooting! It means to talk about unimportant things.

“I met up with that chick again last night, and we just shot the breeze for an hour.”

“We spent the entire afternoon just shooting the breeze. It was good to shoot the breeze with you, Mary.”

“We spent the entire afternoon just shooting the breeze.”

“We sat out on the porch until late, just shooting the breeze.”

“Hank and his pals spend a lot of time drinking beer, shooting the breeze, and thinking about girls.”

“A bunch of us would get together regularly at the Abbotsford Bar in Edinburgh and just shoot the breeze.”

“Michael Gardyne has vowed to give Charlie Mulgrew a hard time today - but can't wait to shoot the breeze with his old pal afterwards.”

“He always addresses my needs in either parts or service and he always has time to shoot the breeze.”

“Cech given permission to shoot the breeze with other clubs, but Mourinho's not sure.”

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