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segunda-feira, 21 de outubro de 2013

Giving up Facebook for a month.

The Devil on my shoulder always says, “But it’s just for now. Enjoy it! You’re gonna go to this really cool place and have a lot of fun.” Nevertheless, you realize that you’ve spent more than two hours at that really cool place (sort of Dungeons & Dragons) – and that’s not what you really wanted to do.

There are many things that I still want to do and achieve before the beginning of the year 2014, but every time I access Facebook… Boom-Boom (Bomb explosion)… PROCRASTINATION and the feeling that I haven’t done anything I had planned. I know it’s probably nothing but I am trying to make a point - Can I spend ONE MONTH without Facebook and survive? Well, let’s see, shall we?

Giving up Facebook for a month – I will be back on November 21. If need be, send me an email. I am going without it for thirty days (and maybe for good, then). I’m giving up Facebook as an attempt to not procrastinate.

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