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sexta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2015

22 Delightful Ways to Say Thank You!

I am really busy these days. I am sharing a thing or two with you guys, but I haven’t written any of them.
I saw this post the other day and I found it very interesting so I am sharing it. I hope you like it!
Does the idea of being fun and delightful when expressing gratitude freak you out a little? No need to get stressed. Just imagine you’re writing a note to your BFF. Be funny, grateful, refreshing. If being funny causes stress, there’s always sweet, warm, and sincere. Still overwhelmed? Don’t fret. Here’s a few fun ways to say thanks to get you started.

22 Ways to Say Thank You!

If it wasn’t weird, I would have sent you a picture of myself. Because I look totally grateful.
Great googly gratitude. Thanks so much for your gift!
Thank you (not sent from my iPhone).
Next time, I’m sending you a cape. Thanks for your superhero-sized gift.
Two words: Endless gratitude. Thank you.
You score phenomenally high in the kind-o-meter. Seriously, I checked.
Your version of shine is a search light. Thanks for spreading so much good.
Thanks so much for putting up with our direct mail. But even more, thank you for responding.
You’re kind of a big deal. Don’t believe me? Ask our clients.
You = awesome. Me = grateful.
Move over Gates and Buffett, there’s a new philanthropist in town.
Our clients have started an unofficial fan club. You should start practicing your autograph.
Do you practice being so wonderful? Thank you kindly for your gift.
Amazed. Inspired. Grateful. That’s how your generosity makes me feel.
When it comes to making an impact, you rule. (Note: Draw a ruler. You can do it.)
You’re a spark plug for good. Thanks for igniting something amazing.
A peach b) Bee’s knees c) Cat’s pajamas. You’re d) All of the above. Thanks for your bigheartedness.
You’re what making a difference looks like. (Note: Draw a mirror. Up the fun factor.)
You’re a lifesaver. Literally. And thanks for believing in someone you don’t even know.
Is there no limit to your awesomeness? Thank you!
You can’t see me but I’m totally doing a happy dance.
I’m beginning to think you’re serious about this whole humanitarian thing.
Remember, your job is to delight your donors. That boring, vanilla, and yawner of a thank you note? It doesn’t reinforce the happiness they felt when they made their gift. Rather, it sends a message that you can’t be bothered to send a unique, personal, and engaging message—that you care more about the gift than the person behind it.

Is that really how you want your donors to feel? I didn’t think so, you awesome do-gooder you.

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